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Capturing the story of a city where the impossible happens every day. #wherepigsfly #makecincyyours #cincinnati

In Cincinnati, things happen every day that would be impossible elsewhere. Make Cincy Yours is a central place to share these stories: the unique, inspiring, against all odds tales of our place. The reality is that if you dream here, you can happen here: you have the power here to make your mark in Cincinnati, to shape this city. You’re making the stories, we’re just helping to tell them. Help us spread the word. Share these stories, tell us your own. And every day, in your own small ways, Make Cincinnati Yours.

Cincinatti from across the Ohio River. Photo by Nickel Plate on Flickr.

Cincinatti from across the Ohio River. Photo by Nickel Plate on Flickr.

Evidence Of Things Unseen
by Salomon Ligthelm
licensed from!/Evidence-Of-Things-Un­seen-5324/

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Where Pigs Fly
(written & narrated by Dan Barczak)

Welcome to my city, bright and strong,
wide-eyed with potential,
a city of young and old,
of truth and kindness, and risk, essential.

Full of creators, makers,
a youthful vibrance within,
I humbly ask you,
where have you been?

Welcome to my city, come in, sit down,
have you come here to stay?
To the Queen of the West,
please tell me what brings you here today.

For work, to fulfill a dream,
to raise a family, for long, winding tours.
Come tell me your story,
and make this place yours.

Welcome to my city, roll up your sleeves,
where our heart is as big as our vision.
Come take a risk, come one, come all,
and hone your craft with unbridled precision.

With passion, commitment,
and folks who ask why,
sit back, listen, and welcome
to a place where pigs fly.