The U.S. Government’s Department of Housing and Urban Development announced today that nine communities around the country would be recipients of the 2013 Choice Neighborhood Planning grants. Grant proposals were submitted from 52 communities vying for the $4.37 million available, but instead of issuing smaller grants that would have had a smaller impact, HUD chose instead to award large amounts to a small number of applicants. With the exception of two awardees, the amount totals $500,000 for each award winner.

In a press release issued today, the Department of Housing and Urban Development says:

“Through this investment, HUD is providing the resources for local leaders to transform neighborhoods into thriving communities where families will choose to live,” said Donovan. “The Choice Neighborhoods Initiative represents the next generation in a movement toward revitalizing entire neighborhoods by providing critically needed funding to support locally-driven economic development solutions in these areas. I look forward to working with these cities and communities as they work to build stronger neighborhoods for all.”

The following communities will be receiving grant money:

  • Mills Memorial/Central Business Neighborhood (Meriden, Connecticut)
  • Melrose East – Smiley Heights (City of Baton Rouge/Parish of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
  • Sun Valley (Denver Colorado)
  • Los Angeles Choice Neighborhood (Los Angeles, California)
  • Greater Five Points (New Bern, North Carolina)
  • Sharswood/Blumberg (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  • Upper Land Park – Broadway (Sacramento, CA)
  • North Wellston Choice Neighborhood (Wellston, Missouri)
  • Cleveland Avenue Neighborhood (Winston-Salem North Carolina)

The grant money will be used by the awarded organizations to work with their partners, planners, stakeholders, and the public to bring fourth public housing and neighborhood revitalization efforts. Many these areas are near downtown cores, and have numerous assets that, if leveraged correctly, could continue to grow and strengthen neighboring areas.

On the agenda for many includes the redevelopment of public spaces and the addition of mixed-use buildings as well as increased access to better public education and transportation.

You can read the detailed plans here. Click here to learn more about the HUD Choice Neighborhood Planning Grants.