Works on the Urbanist Dispatch which are written by our staff are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. This means you can use things we post as long as you credit the author and link back to The Urbanist Dispatch and author,  as well as a note where the original article was posted at the end of the article

Feel free to use your own wording, however some examples are:

“Written by John Cruz of the Urbanist Dispatch” for an author credit at the top of the article and “This article originally appeared in the Urbanist Dispatch“.

There are three guidelines for using articles from the Urbanist Dispatch:

  • Link the author’s name to their page. You can find this on the original post in the blue box at the bottom of each article by clicking the author’s name.
  • Link each instance of “Urbanist Dispatch” to
  • Add at the bottom of each re-posted article “This article originally appeared in the Urbanist Dispatch

Shoutouts on Twitter, Facebook, and in our comments section are always welcome but not required.

Does everything posted on the Urbanist Dispatch fall under Creative Commons?
Most things will, and all things posted by authors on the site will. However, if we are using an article from a content partner, a guest author, or another source we have an agreement with, it may not fall under Creative Commons. If a post is not by an Urbanist Dispatch author and you are unsure if it falls under Creative Commons, get in touch and we’ll let you know if you can use it.

Where can I read the full text of the licensing agreement?
Right here on the creative commons website, it also gives a quick version of what the licensing means.