The following is the Urbanist Dispatch’s policy for how we handle our social media accounts.

The Urbanist Dispatch is happy to engage people from all over the world through social media. To do so, we keep active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. We enjoy your tweets, posts, and pins and like to share these with the rest of our followers.

We will sometimes use social media to step out of the boundaries of what we discuss here on the website, for example we have a very active Architecture pin board on Pinterest, however we are not an architecture discussion website (there’s lots of other awesome sites that do that). We like to take the discussion beyond our own expertise to see what we can learn from each other.

That also means we like to take the things you share on social media and post them on our accounts. That does not represent an endorsement or implied agreement in your social media content. Just because something was re-tweeted, re-posted, or re-pinned on our social media accounts does not mean that it is an ideal that we represent.

In reality, it never can be. As the thoughts an opinions of our writers are independent and we do not hold a site-wide policy on ideals, one person’s thoughts are owned by that single person, not The Urbanist Dispatch. That goes for any content with “our” name on it.

Thanks for the understanding.