A Cleveland Anthem

Cool video from "This is Cleveland" talking about Cleveland's status in the world. From the YouTube Description: Video Screenshot Cleveland has never followed anyone else's rules, we made our own. T...
Screencap from "Plan of the City"

Joshua Fenkel’s “Plan of The City”

From This film is growing into a new opera about Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs.Plan of the City is an animated film, conceived and directed by Joshua Frankel, about the architecture of New Yor...

Explaining Future Cities

From the YouTube Description: This video discusses how cities may change in the face of uncertain future food, energy and water supplies. It is presented by Christopher Barnatt, Associate Professor of Computin...
Dan Cort

Rebuilding cities from the inside out

From the Youtube description: Dan Cort We need to explore and move back to, rather than away from the central cores of our cities. Good planning that we all participate in is crucial to the health and ...
Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 1965. Image courtesy of

Dublin City 1965

Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 1965. Image courtesy of From the Youtube Description: "The footage was part of a CIE Dublin Bus training video shot in 1965"
Ordos, China. Image courtesy of

China’s Ghost Cities and Malls

Ordos, China. Image courtesy of This short documentary from Australia shows how the real estate market in China is a little different than what you might expect. The building up of cities...